SIBIC VENTURE HOLDINGS (PVT) LTD, is a Sri Lankan company duly registered under the companies act in Sri Lanka. The company main objectives are,

  • Business & Project Consultations
  • Visa Consultations for Japan
  • Japanese Language Training
  • Vocational trainings
  • Import and Export
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Investment Promotion

The registered company address is No.07, Hudson Road, Colombo 03.

Japanese Language School - East Asia Japanese Language School, No.07, Hudson Road, Colombo 03.

The company has been developed good international relationship with Japan market in many fields. Veteran visa consultation service is offered to Sri Lankans for Japan together with reliable Japanese counterpart companies and individuals.

The all two local company directors and one Japanese director are fully qualified in different fields internationally.

Well dedicated staff including Japanese speakers is one of the main assets of the company. The strength in the Japanese market is also a valuable asset to the company.

The company has many joint & group companies in different fields

  • SIBIC VENTURE HOLDINGS - No. 07, Hudson Road, Colombo 03., Sri Lanka.
  • SIBIC JAPAN CO, LTD - 3rd Floor, Minami Tenjin Building, 5-14-12 - Watanabe- dori, Chuo Ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka prefecture, Japan.
  • SIBIC JAPAN LLC - 3-10-7, Shimizu, Suginami Ku, Tokyo 167 - 0033, Japan.
  • SISTAR INTERNATIONAL (PVT) LTD - Puttalam road, Nochchiyagama.
  • LBN Key Resource (Pvt) Ltd - Pannipitiya Road, Thalawathugoda.
  • SIBIC SOCIO (PVT) LTD - No. 07, Hudson Road, Colombo 03., Sri Lanka.
  • SIBIC TRAVELS (PVT) LTD - No. 07, Hudson Road, Colombo 03., Sri Lanka.
  • SOUTH ASIA JAPANESE LANGUAGE SCHOOL - No. 07, Hudson Road, Colombo 03., Sri Lanka.


SIBIC does consultations for all kinds of visas for Japan. Most of the applicants have not awareness about the visa process and also they do not know how to select the correct path or correct visa category for them. Further, they have no idea about the work categories. Most of the applicants do not know about the rules and regulations throughout the program but they are hurry to register with a sending organization to find an opportunity to apply for the visa on a fast track. SIBIC offers comprehensive consultation for the applicants who like to apply for TITP (Training visa) or SSW (Tokutei visa) visa.

Also, SIBIC coordinates sending organizations for business development or for a joint operation mainly on a consultation basis. It can be resulted in gaining a genuine business on the basis of a win-win situation.

The company has its owned or collaborated approved sending organizations that have signed agreements with several approved accepting organizations or companies in Japan.

The company has collaborated with recognized immigration specialists for visa advisory support in Japan especially for working visa processing in IT and other professional categories.


We undertake manpower supply in different segments like Technical Intern Trainees, Factory workers, IT & Construction professionals, and other service industries for Japanese companies


The main business is Tourism. It offers travel packages for Japanese and other foreigners to travel to Sri Lanka.

We offer attractive tour packages based on different themes. They are like "Ayurveda packages, World Heritage packages, Beach packages, Sightseeing packages, Archeological packages, Sport packages" and many more. Transport facilitation, Airport pickup & drops, Hotel reservation, Event coordinating, Japanese & English speaking guiding service and other all needs are provided at reasonable and affordable rates. Even the customers are free to have customized packages on their request.
We organize business tours for Japanese or other country businesspeople with required meetings and visits. Specially the individuals, government entities or any other places hoping to visit in regard to the expected business task. Other than that, we introduce potential business counterparts on request based on the expected business field.